Talio Hair has implemented the following protocols in place for the safety of both the client and staff. While we are happy to return to work, we must return with extreme precaution. Business is important butso is our health and lives. We thank you for your patience and trust in these uncertain times. It is essential that everyone follow the listed protocols. We are doing our part to follow industry and locality standards and regulations as well as implement our own measures, so that we can keep our guests, staff, and families safe. Until further notice, these protocols will continue to remain in effect. 
  • Before entering the salon, we ask everyone to call and confirm that your stylist is ready to assist you. We must limit the amount of guests waiting inside the salon. If more than one person has an appointment with the same stylist, we ask that the other person stay in the car until the stylist is ready.
  • Do not bring other people with you, children, family, friends, etc. unless it is a caregiver.  
  • Everyone must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.  If you do not wear a mask, we will ask you to leave without exception and a cancelation fee may be applied.
  • All clients and staff will have their names logged for record keeping along with updating any phone numbers or emails per CDC request.  Temperatures will be checked when entering the salon. 100.4 is considered a fever, anyone whose temperature is exceeding 100.3 will be asked to leave and reschedule no sooner than 14 days.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be provided upon entering the salon, please sanitize immediately.
  • We love you, but please no hugs, kisses, handshakes, etc.
  • Please keep jackets, coats, sweaters etc. in your car or with you always.  We will be providing dry cleaner bags to cover Jackets in the cold weather months.  The assistants will hang the jackets in the closets and get them at the end of your service. The changing room will be unavailable at this time. A clean robe will be handed to you by our salon coordinator upon entering. We recommend wearing something that does not need to be removed.  
  • We will be processing payments and scheduling appointments prior or during your appointment if possible, in efforts to avoid too much foot traffic at the front desk. A following appointment is highly recommended with your stylist due to scheduling restrictions.
  • We must minimize the amount of people in the salon, so we ask that you leave once your service is complete. This will allow space for clients that have appointments to enter.
  • We ask that you do not touch products on shelves or on stations. If you need anything, we can have someone get it for you. 
  • We will no longer be offering beverages. We ask that if you bring any beverage that it be in a sealed container and if you should want to drink your beverage during your service, we askthat you use a straw.  Do not to bring food in the salon at this time. 
  • We will no longer have magazines for reading or candies at the front desk.
  • We ask that if you bring books, laptops, etc., that you keep your belongings on your lap or in your bag and not on a surface.
  • We encourage to keep a credit card on file prior to booking your appointment. This allows for more touchless payment processing.  
  • Unless you are sick, we need 48 hours advance notice to cancel your appointment. If you cancel after 48 hours or do not show up for an appointment, a $50 fee will be charged.  Please keep in mind that appointment times take a larger chunk of our time.  It is very hard to fill the appointment time last minute for the stylist.  Lets be mindful please about respecting the client's time and the stylist.
  • Due to the extreme measures we are taking to protect guests and staff, a $5 sanitation fee will be charged at the time of your service.
  • If you are even the slightest bit sick, STAY HOME!
  • If you choose to leave a cash tip, please place it in an envelope and do not lick the envelope.
  • We will be complying with social distancing guidelines by utilizing every other station creating 6ft between styling chairs. We will also be separating stylists and assistants between 2 floors.    
  • We will also be suspending walk-in appointments. Until further notice, we will accommodate clients with appointments only.
  • There will be a barrier between our front desk, shampoo stations and waiting areas. The waiting area will not  minimaly utilized.      
  • Styling chairs, surfaces, and implements will be sanitized between each client.
  • Each stylist, assistant, and salon coordinator will wear face coverings, sanitize their hands between each client, and their temperatures will be recorded daily as well.
We ask that everyone please visit the DC Covid Website for a full list of states that have been added for travel restrictions.  We ask that you please review this list prior to booking your appointments and be mindful about allowing appropriate time between return of travel and your appointment.  The link to the DC travel restriction is below.
DC Travel Restrictions 

The appreciatiation we have for everyone's coorperation is above and beyond. Together we will get through this safely. Thank you. Please feel free to contact our manager, Elvira Stalteri Noufal, for any questions or concerns.